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Thank you for your interest in’s free classified ad pages. These pages are for roofing installers to list any roof-related product to sell or trade. Roofers may also list help wanted ads.

  • This service is free.*

  • Only roofing related want ads may be advertised.

  • We no longer (as of August 1st, 2013) format any ads or do any HTML. All HTML formatting is up to the person posting the ad.

  • personnel have the final decision as to what content will be listed.

  • After three months, ads are removed unless is contacted by email.**

  • If you make a mistake or want to change something, no problem. Simply email us at and we'll change it out for you. Please reference your phone number or email address so we know who you are.

  • No stolen goods may be posted.

  • If you are posting an ad, and Roofhelp finds spelling or grammatical errors, Roofhelp reserves the right to correct these errors but may not do so.

If you are in the business of selling products or services to roofing contractors, please call or email us for advertising rates. 

*This is a free service for roofing installers who have products or services to sell. This is similar to the classified ad section of a local newspaper. This is not a place to advertise anything other than roofing related products or services. personnel reserve the sole right to decide what products or services will be advertised.

**Because this service is free, it may be easy for the Ad Lister to forget about notifying Roofhelp when a product sells, or is no longer available for other reasons. Therefore, to help prevent unavailable items from being listed, Roofhelp will automatically remove an ad after 3 calendar months. If Ad Listers wish to have their ad remain, they can simply notify Roofhelp via email or phone prior to the end of the 3 month period, and Roofhelp will continue to leave the ad in place. In some cases, Roofhelp may take the initiative to contact Ad Listers to see if they want their product or service to remain posted.


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