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Next question you may be asking, “How long does a PVC roof last?” Good question. There are warranties available from the manufacturer ranging from 10 to 25 years, so I feel like I can safely say that a PVC roof will last 10 to 25 years, properly installed. Roof longevity depends on a variety of factors, which I'll get to in a separate article.


How much does a PVC roof cost? The question can only be answered with a series of other questions:

  • Whose PVC do you want to use? There are many options out there like Sarnafil, GAF, Johns Manville, Stevens, Carlisle, etc.
  • How thick do you want the new roof? 50 mil? 60 mil? 80 mil? 115 mil?
  • How is it going to be installed? Fully adhered, and if so, solvent- or water-based adhesive? Mechanically attached? Ballasted? Foam adhesive?
  • Are we removing the old roof? If so, how many roofs are there right and how thick are they?
  • How much roof insulation, and what types are going under the new roof?
  • What type of roof deck are we going over? Wood? Concrete? Steel? Lightweight insulating concrete? Gypsum?
  • How tall is the building?
  • How busy is the roof, meaning how many penetrations are there and many sections are there?
  • Are there any parapet walls? Parapet walls require flashing which requires additional material and labor.
  • How good is access to the building?

All of the above affect the cost of a PVC roof, or any type of roof for that matter. For more information, click on this link: https://www.roofhelp.com/howmuchdoesaroofcost.




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