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Roof Asset Management
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Now let's look at other ways to save money on that same project. The real savings in the example above are in NOT ROOFING the building. A good Roof Asset Manager knows the building did not need a new roof, and provides a better recommendation. Let's look at two better options.

Option 1 - Repairs. The hail damage observed could easily have been repaired for less than $5,000. If that were the decision, the owner would pay the Roof Asset Management company the cost of an evaluation, and maybe a final inspection to ensure the repairs were properly effected.

Option 2 - Refurbishment. This is the option that so many building owners, architects, roofing consultants and contractors either overlook, ignore, or are unaware of. This option takes a roof that is not at the end of its service life, just needs a little work. It renovates that roof to good condition, and both extends the service life, and provides a leak free warranty in the process! Think of roof refurbishment as somewhat like remodeling a kitchen. Your kitchen is functioning but it has a few things wrong with it, so you replace the stove, some trim and hardware, and put a fresh coat of paint on. Now you've got a nice, "fresh" functional kitchen for a fraction of the cost of gutting it and replacing everything.

With regard to roof refurbishment, there's something important that building owners should know. The decision of whether or not to refurbish a roof absolutely HAS to be made by an expert. Refurbishment is such a money saver that owners start asking for it all the time; but it's not always an option, and the Roof Asset Management company has to be able to tell the owner that. Otherwise, what can happen is, a refurbishment is performed and the roof winds up failing in two or three years. Then owner still has to replace the roof, and is out what the refurbishment cost him.

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