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Roof Asset Management
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There are a lot of companies who call themselves Roof Asset Managers, but a more apt description would be Roof Project Managers because they aren't actively managing the roof asset, they only manage individual projects. But how can you tell the difference between a Roof Asset Manager and a Roof Project Manager?

One thing to look for in a serious Roof Asset Management company is how their pricing is structured. Many companies in the roof consulting and roofing management business base their fee as a percentage of a project's cost. So the more expensive the project, the more money they make. I believe a Roof Asset Management company should charge by the square foot, this way no matter the project, the fee is the same. This eliminates the incentive to specify high end roofs when they're not needed.

As an example, let's take a look at the project mentioned before, the 53,000 square foot one. I said replacing that roof was going to cost around $350,000 (which it did). If the company managing the project charges 7% of the total replacement cost, it works out to $24,500. Now, let's say a Roof Asset Management company steps in and charges $0.30 per square foot to oversee the roof project. That would bring the cost of management to $15,900. That's an immediate savings of $8,600.

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