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Fix Or Replace Your Roof?
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Dry Shingles Can Equal Major Trouble
It’s counter intuitive but here’s where you’ll find a lot of roof issues: dried, cracked & brittle roof shingles. The sun does a number on shingles and deteriorates them over time. The irony of it is that though the shingles may appear dry & brittle, the roof itself may remain soaked and saturated under those decaying shingles. Because the process is slow, you may not even experience a leak when this happens, but it’s devastating to your roof and will require a replacement.

Click here Complete Replacement vs New Roof Layer
A new roof will provide your home with a secure seal and the latest in environmentally friendly options. Plus, a new roof will come with a much
longer guarantee: 20 years or more.

Applying a new roofing layer over the old shingles is possible only if your existing roof is one layer thick and in good condition with strong decking with shingles compatible with the new materials. The old layer will retain a lot more heat though, which will cause the new layer to dry out quicker, meaning the layering option won’t last nearly as long as the brand new roof. A professional roofer can help you make the right decision for your situation.
If any of the above issues arise, you should consider getting a professional assessment from a roof inspector; many will offer a free inspection & cost estimate. If there’s enough damage, home owner’s insurance may actually cover the cost of a new roof. A professional roofer will let you know if there’s not enough damage for a valid insurance claim once they properly assess the situation.

About the Author
Charlie Johnson started C and K Roofing in 1996. Our offices in Nashville, Knoxville and Huntsville offer both commercial roofing services and residential services for homeowners.

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